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At HandyMan Evans, we offer a wide array of handyman services, home repairs, and remodeling. With the combination of several skills. I'm excited to bring the newest concept to the CSRA. Theatre Walls with LED lights. We have also developed, a TV frame that is LED illuminated and can be covered with different materials. For example, leather or the same material as your curtains. All Theatre Walls and custom frames are installed with a state of the art, 3-plane rotary laser to insure true accuracy. Theatre Walls are fully customized to your needs. Components, audio equipment, surround sound, wood/glass shelves, and different light colors. A quality (RF) remote is included with every LED light package. Capable of independently controlling other lights or different zones in your house, if you choose to install more LEDs. For example your deck; under kitchen cabinets; drop-crown molding; under your bed or couch. The list just keeps going.

Call today for an in-house consultation with a Handyman Evans to create a design for your TV, LEDs, and surround sound that will enhance your house.

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